personal pronouns

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personal pronouns

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Hi everybody

Congratulations for opening this section for learning English. This is an crucial step towards improving our forum and make it the most useful and famous above all other forums

Well my first lesson is about Personal pronouns as it is already mentioned above in the title

So what are we waiting for Let's start

The Personal Pronouns

Singular (one person/thing)


Plural (two or more people/things)


As you can see, the word "you" can be used when you speak to one person(singular) as to many people "plural case

In English everybody is addressed by the personal pronoun "you". So, you can say How are you? when you greet your boss as well as your best friend

Also, the personal pronoun I is one of the few words which are always written with a capital letter. But this doesn't mean that English speakers are egotistic, it's just an old english Rule

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